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Ann and the Team Welcome You...
Skin Repair Special - LIMITED TIME

Skin Repair Special - LIMITED TIME

Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair SpecialSea Buckthorn Skin Repair Special
Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair Special... what do you get? 100g Skin Rejuve (for face and neck), 100g Body Glow (for all over body where needed), 30ml Pure Oil blend of seed and berry (for specific and deep areas needing healing help). Available for LIMITED TIME

  You are looking for Sea Buckthorn or Aloe Vera - We are here in Australia

    Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality 180 soft gel capsules   Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality 62 soft gels    Skin Rejuve info  Body Glow info  Skin Rejuve Exotic   Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil   Aloe Vera Capsules organic     Stress & Tension (insomnia) homoeopathic pilules           Aloe Vera Sea Buckthorn Combo    Body Glow Skin Rejuve and Pure Oil SPECIAL

Excema?  Dermatitis?  Red Eyes?  Sore Eyes?  Inflammation?  Dryness?  Insomnia? Dental Plaque?

Welcome to Kavalia Power ..... perhaps we can help!

Ann Bayley and her Team are the Australians behind this business and they are interested only in bringing quality health products to fellow Australians.

Kavalia Power products have as high as possible Australian input .... Sea Buckthorn does not grow in Australia but the manufacturing componentry is in Australian licensed facilities, as is the packaging, labels ... where possible and required, our AUST L products are listed on the Australian Registar of Therapeutic Goods.

Kavalia Power is Australian owned and operated
Australian Products*
Australian Manufacturing*
Australian stocked
Mailed to you via Australia Post

* not all products can contain all Australian ingredients, e.g.: The Sea Buckthorn berry grows in sub-arctic conditions, not in Australia. Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality, Aloe Vera Inner Vitality and Oral Vitality are manufactured in Australian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratories with AUST L numbers (AUST L number is an Australian registered number so you can confirm what is in the product and who we are). Topical skin products (i.e. Skin Rejuve, Exotic, Body Glow) and our homeopathic Stress & Tension are all Australian made here in Queensland.

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