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Skin Health and Sleep

“You look tired” … “You have bags under your eyes !” …

“Well, thank you very much – now I feel as bad as I apparently look !”

Certainly not a comment that anyone would want to hear, however, there is truth in the connection of lack of sleep and skin health/appearance.

Whilst we are individuals and will have different needs in terms of sleep, 7-9 hours is a typical sleep period. Studies show that less than 6 hours sleep likely affects one’s appearance but of course there are exceptions and one’s sleep requirements change throughout life. The same studies suggest adding 1-3 hours sleep per night (to a six hour of less sleep). A positive improvement to appearance is generally noticed within 2-3 weeks, but even just after one night’s good sleep, one’s face should look less strained and healthier.

We sleep to give the body a chance to repair itself from the rigors of the day and also, our brain processes what it has taken in during the day. All animals sleep … even a particular type of dolphin that lives in rapid flowing waters that require the animal to be alert 24 hours a day has been found the sleep. It does this by shutting down half of its brain for about 20 minutes at a time whilst the other side takes charge. So interesting!

But we all can look better if we get enough rest and this is true for both male and females, and all ages … we will discuss shortly how we can sleep more if sleeping is a problem as in those suffering insomnia.

What benefits to our appearance come from sufficient rest?

Collagen in our skin is what plumps it up so it retains it’s shape. Reduced collagen leads to sagging and wrinkles. Our skin makes collagen during sleep so insufficient sleep will show as wrinkles and added dryness which makes the wrinkles more visible. Remember: not drinking enough will decrease skin elasticity also. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and see if the fold springs away from your finger/thumb. It should!

People comment that those who are sleep deprived look sadder … sagging skin shows as drooping mouth corners which universally infers the person must be sad. If we look good, we often feel good. How do you feel when someone comments: “Oh, you look so well!” or “oh dear, you do look tired. What’s wrong?”

Those “bags” we mentioned … those dark circles under the eyes, the puffiness … we all recognise them as caused by lack of sleep. So reverse it: increase your sleep time and send those bags packing! Old Wives Tales often have a firm base of support and one I remember is: An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight. True? Most probably, and the reason/s? I’m sure that question could promote many a discussion, eg: going to bed very late may go hand in hand with behaviours that stress the body such as hard partying or shift work? The dark circles under the eye where the skin is thin show the sludgy blood flow. Having said that, some of us have darker skin under the eyes as part of our genetic makeup or age. It’s an increase in melanin (which is the brown pigment we have which shows as a tan when exposed to the sun – insufficient sleep makes the dark skin worse so healthy sleep patterns is a natural way to reduce the under-eye darkness.

The same increase blood flow from adequate sleep is also what helps make our hair healthier – stronger and fuller. The hair follicles (or roots) need nutrients which are carried in the blood. Slow the blood flow from insufficient sleep and reduce the nutrients available to the hair follicles. Hair becomes duller and brittle.

It’s been found that when people are sleep deprived, their skin loses its healthy glow and appears pale and lifeless. Once again, reverse the short sleep and allow your body to boost blood flow to the skin which contributes to a brighter healthier complexion.

We often increase our stress when we don’t get enough sleep as we know we need sleep, and worry how we’re going to function the next day. Cortisol levels (a hormone we all have) rise when we’re stressed and this can lead to hair loss. Apparently low Vit B is said to contribute to hair loss also so a B supplement might be worth trying, in particular B12.

Other benefits from a regular good nights sleep include healthier eating habits (no raiding the fridge at 3am) and reduces an unnecessary increase in the aging process.

So you really want to sleep longer but have trouble because of insomnia?

See our September 2016 Newsletter “Why Can’t I Sleep?” where we outlined reasons and solutions which assist the majority of people. Those with difficult sleeping disorders can seek assistance from sleep clinics which are now more accessible than ever before.

We had excellent feedback from the article and our Stress and Tension (insomnia) homoeopathic pillules were well received by those who tried them. There are numerous skin products available on the market and many of them are good and helpful and deliver promises of an improved complexion. Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules are pure sea buckthorn oil, both seed and fruit. The two oils, in combination assist tissue regeneration from the inside of our body through to the outer skin. A plumper healthier glowing skin is usually noticed after just 3-4 weeks. Applied externally, our Skin RejuveSkin Rejuve Exotic and Body Glow all containing sea buckthorn oils instantly hydrate dry skin and over time, repair and improve skin health … so they work from the Outside Inwards, and the capsules work from the Inside Outwards. In combination with good sleep patterns, you can look and feel healthier and more vibrant.

Good Luck !

We are not healthcare or medical professionals and the information contained here is not to be taken as medical advice. It is recommended that you consult you healthcare professional prior to taking any supplements and always read the label, use only as directed, and if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.