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Eczema or Dermatitis?

How do you know if your skin condition is eczema or dermatitis?

If you have had a dermatologist call your red, itchy skin dermatitis and a doctor declare it to be eczema, neither of them are wrong. The two terms both apply because eczema is a form of dermatitis.

There are many different forms of dermatitis, including Contact Dermatitis and Seborrheic Dermatitis. The term ‘Atopic Dermatitis’ is the one that is interchangeable with the most common form of eczema – the one with the itchy rash that tends to surface on the head, neck, elbows and behind the knees.

There are different types of eczema and even Wikipedia describes the classification system for this disorder as ‘haphazard and unsystematic’. A search around different websites will unearth inconsistent terms and descriptions to describe this common condition.

The fact is, that no matter what you call it, eczema / atopic dermatitis is unpleasant. The dry, red and itchy skin that is caused by the disease can be distracting at best and painful and debilitating in the most severe cases.

Eczema can flare up at times of stress, when the warmer months set in or even as a response to infections. The condition is believed to be genetic and can often be improved or exacerbated by the surrounding environment.

Only sufferers understand the cycle of itching and scratching. They know all too well the stress of trying to moisturise skin that persistently dries, flakes off and becomes yet more itchy than ever. You may recall our earlier blog by a sufferer describing the lengths she went to, to relieve the itching.

A complete cure for eczema is yet to be found. Many sufferers go on a long journey to find the treatment that works for them. What reduces symptoms for some may not have the same effect on others.

One option used around the world for centuries is Sea Buckthorn Oil. This oil comes from the seeds and pulp of berries of the northern hemisphere’s Sea Buckthorn plant. A study in the Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry found that people who used sea buckthorn oil for four months reported an improvement in the symptoms of their eczema. So this option is taking SBT internally.

Sea Buckthorn Oil can be applied topically to reduce the painful itching and irritation of eczema (Pure Sea Buckthorn Berry and Seed Oil – our new product made available on request). For many, it provides the relief they have been seeking for a lifetime – see Ellen’s testimonial.

“Why use a blend of both oils?” you might ask ….. this is a good question and the answer is important. Seed oil and Berry oil are quite different in their component proportions. Clinical trials use a 50/50 blend of both oils to attain the best results. We hear many stories from people that Brand A soft gels or oil did not work so well for them …. when investigated, it is usually found Brand A is a single source oil or an unknown quantity of both oils with each batch differing. For this reason, our Kavalia Power soft gels and Pure Oils blend are a precise blend of both oils, CO2 extracted, in equal parts.

We are interested to hear your experiences so please let us know anything that can be shared to assist others towards a happier outcome for this debilitating condition.

We are not healthcare or medical professionals and the information contained here is not to be taken as medical advice. It is recommended that you consult you healthcare professional prior to taking any supplements and always read the label, use only as directed, and if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.