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What is Rosacea?

This chronic skin disorder  occurs mainly on the face and is characterised by redness that looks like sunburn on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Along with the redness there can sometimes be swelling, or burning and itching sensations. Rosacea can also cause burning and soreness in the eyes, leaving them feeling watery and irritated. It can also be the cause behind persistent pimples and visible red blood vessels.Some sufferers experience Rosacea at invtervals throughout their life, while others have to put up with the discomfort constantly. Rosacea is a highly unpleasant and distressing condition.

Experts are not sure what causes Rosacea, a possible factor could be abnormalities in facial blood vessels or possibly due to a combination of heredity and environmental factors. it is NOT caused  by poor hygiene, and it is not contagious.

Practitioners will often prescribe oral medication and topical lotions to keep the condition under control, or suggest laser treatment to reduce extensive redness and the appearance of blood vessels. However, these methods aren’t universally effective.

Just as everyone’s skin is different, for people with Rosacea, it can take time to find the treatment that works for them. Many try expensive prescription medication to no avail. For those seeking a natural remedy, Sea Buckthorn Oil can deliver the results they have been looking for.  Pure Sea Buckthorn Berry & Seed Oil is PURE OIL with nothing added. Wild grown it comes in 30mls or 100 mls. (It can also be used to soothe skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis). A convenient dropper allows for an easy hygienic application.

Rosacea sufferers go so far as to call Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil a “miracle” when they have finally been able to experience relief from their symptoms after a long period of searching for a solution. It is seen as an affordable option that starts to work within a few days or soon after regular application.

If you’re a sufferer of Rosacea looking for relief, consider Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil as a long lasting remedy. We would love to hear your feedback and if possible before and after photos.

To help manage Rosacea

Rosacea sufferers should try to identify their personal triggers and try to avoid them or at least minimise their exposure. They should also try to manage their stress levels, and only use natural moisturisers and cosmetics.

Additionally supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc and essential fatty acids should be taken as part of a healthy and well balanced diet. Essential Fatty Acids and carotenoids can be found in our Seabuckthorn Complete Vitality soft gel caps. It is generally considered that conditions respond better when oral supplements and topical treatments are used at the same time.

Rosacea triggers

Many people with Rosacea find that certain factors can trigger their symptoms, such as sun exposure, emotional stress, hot or cold weather. wind, alcohol, hot drinks, spicy foods, exercise, hot baths or certain medications or skin products. Of course everyone is different and each sufferer may have different triggers.

Rosacea sufferers can get support from other sufferers, egThe Rosacea Forum

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We are not healthcare or medical professionals and the information contained here is not to be taken as medical advice. It is recommended that you consult you healthcare professional prior to taking any supplements and always read the label, use only as directed, and if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.