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Sea Buckthorn Skin Rejuve, inc GST


Jumbo size Airless Pump so it lasts you several months: restore skin elasticity, firmness and bounce. Reduce wrinkles and DEFY TIME. 100g Australian made cosmeceutical Sea Buckthorn cream.

3 reviews for Sea Buckthorn Skin Rejuve, inc GST

  1. GT

    I’ve been using the Kavalia Power Sea Buckthorn Skin Rejuve on my face for a few weeks …. I won’t stop now – my skin feels beautiful and the eczema on my fingers went*! Better than with products I have bought which have been 2 and 3 times the price. My skin is immediately softened and hydrated. My fine lines seem to have filled in (people actually notice). Also, my skin seems more uniformly coloured …. there were marks from the sun and age appearing and these have reduced considerably. Great product!

  2. adm1n

    I use Skin Rejuve (face and neck) and Body Glow (arms and legs) twice daily and am stunned by the healthy glow and suppleness of my skin. I love the new scented Exotic and use that for my daytime application. I use the Pure Oil for cuts and bruising as it heals wounds so well leaving little or no mark at all – I even use it on my dogs after surgery and the healing rate is accelerated with very feint residual scarring. Amazing products!

  3. PC

    My wrinkles have lessened so much even my husband noticed! I’ve spent big money on “special creams” but this Skin Rejuve beats the lot. Please keep on manufacturing … I don’t want to be without it now.

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