Welcome to Sea Buckthorn Australia


My name is Ann Bayley and I now have the privilege of operating the business Kavalia Power with these quality products. I knew of their quality and efficacy long before I owned this business.

I previously ran a distribution network for pharmaceuticals and health supplements, and having worked in that industry for around 25 years, am very aware of the importance of the products that we ingest and topically apply into and onto our bodies.

Having used all the Kavalia Power products, I am delighted to be in the position of continuing to make them available to fellow Australians. The focus of this business is to support good health and to assist the return to good health … I am working towards adding new high quality and all-natural products as I come across them in my research. I also wish for the highest Australian content in my products and I know that most Kavalia Power customers seek that also.

As a friend to Linda and Dominic who started this business in 2013, I know we hold very similar ideals and philosophies. Kavalia Power will continue with the same level of care and consideration for our customers, the same high level of service … we also value feedback and suggestions, and listen.

New products will be introduced over time, we have recently introduced an Australian homoeopathic Stress and Tension (Insomnia) product.

Very warm regards,