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Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil

50/50 blend of pure sea buckthorn seed oil (high omega 3 and 6; and pure sea buckthorn berry oil (high omega 7)

We have been asked by many customers to make available PURE Sea Buckthorn Oils for topical application.

Studies generally use a 1:1 ratio of berry oil to seed oil – that is, half berry (fruit) oil and half seed oil. This is how it occurs in nature. See Sea Buckthorn Information for more about the composition of each of the two oils. They have similar components by in quite different proportion. They are not interchangeable.

We researched what was already being sold and found many oils were just the berry oil. As beautiful as it is (in colour and attributes) it is only half the story – in general it is used for its Omega 7 qualities for the outer layer/s of the epidermis whereas the seed oil penetrates deeper within the tissues. The seed oil is a more expensive component but it really should be in any topically used product.

Our Pure Sea Buckthorn Berry & Seed Oil is as its name suggests: both the oils and at a ratio of 1:1 – in other words, each 30ml bottle contains 15ml seed oil and 15ml berry oil; each 100ml bottle contains 50ml seed oil and 50ml berry oil.

The dropper is a convenient and mess-free way of applying the oil – the oil is very orange from the carotenoids so take care not to spill it on clothing.

It is best kept cool and out of sunlight and we supply the cobalt blue bottle to help in this regard.

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100ml Sea Buckthorn Pure Oils, inc GST


30ml Sea Buckthorn Pure Oils, inc GST