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Adverse Effects

None known but always consult with your healthcare professional.

Interactions and Contra-indications

None known but always consult with your healthcare professional


If symptoms persist, consult with your healthcare professional.

This will depend on the condition you are treating. Some people report noticeable improvements very quickly (just a few days). Studies generally run for 4-12 weeks so it is best to plan a course of up to three months but many can expect to see differences in skin health (the most obvious outward sign) in about 4 weeks.

No it definitely does not.

Yes, but if you are uncertain about something, contact your doctor or healthcare professional first.

Yes it can. There are no limitations to simultaneous use. Many people choose to take sea Buckthorn in isolation to determine its actual effectiveness.

No reported side effects have been noted worldwide. Sea buckthorn oil has been used in large population groups since the 1950’s. Traditional use of it goes back throusands of years. It is always recommended though that any individual consult with their healthcare professional for their own particular circumstances.

Yes but always consult with your healthcare professional.

Yes but always consult with your healthcare professional.

Sea Buckthorn oil naturally contains good plant sterols and waxes. Sometimes these can appear as different coloured patches in the capsules. This certainly is not a problem.

The soft gels work from the “inside out” so the oils permeate the tissues from inside the body, throughout the tissues, to the outer skin. Depending on the condition, people generally find that after about 4 weeks, they see a noticeable change in their outer skin (a more healthy glow, and more elasticity) ….. this is an indication that the oils are permeating the entire body and this can keep improving for quite some time. If at this stage, the symptoms for which you are taking the oil have reduced enough to warrant a dosage reduction, then that is what one does – reduce the dose by a capsule at a time whilst still retaining the wanted effects. One can increase again then reduce again if warranted. Everyone is different and some symptoms can go or reduce, then increase again due to stress or other factors (diet, climate). If one is taking Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality for well being and tissue regeneration and has no symptoms to address, a good schedule to follow is about 3 soft gels daily for a month, then 2 daily for a month, then 1 daily after that. It is wasteful to take any more than one needs. It is also necessary though to give the body a chance to respond …. supplements are not quick fixes but dealing with any problems at the root so benefits are real and restorative.
Always read the label and if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.