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Sea Buckthorn

In Australia the plant Hippophae Rhamnoides is referred to as SEA BUCKTHORN. This plant thrives over a wide area of Europe, Russia and Asia in the cold latitudes. It will be found from the Atlantic coasts of Europe all the way across to NW Mongolia and NW China, and also found in Canada. These plants typically grow in dry sandy areas.

Sea Buckthorn Berry has been used in traditional systems of medicine for thousands of years in Asia, Europe and Scandinavia.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil are two quite different products coming from two different parts of the berry. Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality Capsulesare produced using a combination of he Berry Oil and the Seed Oil in equal parts (50-50 ratio) which allows the maximum number of nutrients to be available for consumers.

Sea Buckthorn is a natural source of the Omegas – 3, 5, 6, 9 and the rare 7 as well as, protein building amino acids, Vitamins B1, B2, K1, C, A, E and folic acid, over 60 antioxidants and at least 20 minerals and a host of antioxidants and other healing nutrients.

Sea Buckthorn also has an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can be used to treat dry skin conditions like Rosacea and Eczema. The oil is highly moisturizing and able to heal burns and wounds. This anti-inflammatory ingredient also helps ease arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Sea Buckthorn also contains Quercertin which inhibits the production and release of histamine and other inflammatory substances. It also contains Caffeic Acid and Ferulic Acid which are potent inhibitors of allergic reactions and tissue swelling.

The Omegas are essential for and beneficial in treating or preventing arthritis and other joint disorders.

Some of the most important pharmacological functions of Sea Buckthorn Oil are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, pain relief and promotion and regeneration of tissue attributes.

Numerous clinical studies with Sea Buckthorn Oil support its efficacy in the maintenance of healthy eyes, providing relief from superficial dry eye problems. It helps to soothe the redness and inflammation of the skin, supports a healthy circulatory system and may be beneficial for cardiac function and vascular elasticity

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30 ml Sea Buckthorn Pure Oils made with half Berry Oil and half Seed Oil –  Wild Grown.

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