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Promoting Weight Loss

In 2017 – 2018 Australian statistics revealed alarming statistics of excess weight and obesity. They found that 25%of children and adolescents were classified as overweight or obese, whilst 67% of adults were classed as overweight and 31% obese.

Some of the primary reasons for excessive weight gain is poor digestion, a diet that is heavy on sugars and grains, food sensitivities that cause both food cravings and nutrient deficiencies, as well as toxicity.

This article will discuss the underlying and often overlooked factors of weight loss.

Slimming down starts with Proper Digestion

Poor digestion is the number one reason for both weight gain and stubborn weight loss.

Foods that challenge the digestive system can vary considerably from person to person, based on individual factors such as metabolism, activity level and genetic makeup. People who have trouble breaking down proteins and fats or alternatively sugars and starches can often gain weight on diets that contain an abundance of these foods.

For both types of intolerances the general prescription is enzyme supplements to support proper digestion plus an appropriate diet, both of which are crucial.  If our bodies are better able to absorb and utilise nutrients, they no longer prompt us to overeat, compensating for any nutritional shortfalls.

Food Cravings

Food cravings are a major reason that most diets fail and they won’t go away until the underlying issue is addressed. This is where enzyme therapy can have a dramatic impact, by supporting thorough digestion of foods and proper absorption of nutrients.

Once you restore proper digestion and eliminate food cravings, you will get better results with virtually any diet. As a bonus you will feel more vital and energetic than before due to adequate nourishment – all because your body is breaking down food and assimilating nutrients. It can’t be any simpler than this.

Using the Toxicity – Obesity Connection

Food sensitivities and cravings can affect weight and health in another more indirect way. Because we can’t fully break down the offending foods, we end up with undigested food particles circulating in our systems causing leaky gut and often triggering toxic reactions contributing to weight gain. These food particles travel to body tissues, where they cause irritation and inflammation and in order to dilute the effects of this toxic reaction, the body begins retaining water.

What’s more, the chemicals involved in toxic reactions to everyday foods may slow metabolism. Water retention and bloating are also signs of a possible toxic reaction. By ensuring proper digestion, enzyme therapy can prevent the toxic reactions that lead to slow metabolism and other factors that interfere with with weight loss.

Why Diets dont work – and Enzymes do

The real secret of successful weight loss is taking enzymes to ensure proper digestion and prevent cravings, along with adopting a diet that is tailored to any underlying intolerances. Just limiting – or even better, eliminating sugars and grains may be enough to melt away excess weight without obsessively counting calories or grams of fat. Studies also indicate that pancreatic supplementation leads to a decreased appetite, which can result in significant weight loss.