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You should not try supplement or herbal treatment for your dog unless you know what is wrong with your dog and have knowledge of which herb or supplement might help. Please check with a vet first! This newsletter is not meant to replace the diagnosis and advice of a qualified vet. Please do your research… Continue reading Sea Buckthorn for dogs

Menopause affects everyone at some stage. (Source: Getty) Its been called everything from “the change” to “mental pause” and “Devil pause” Women will begin to go through menopause between 42 and 55 with symptoms lasting anywhere from five to ten years.   The Majority of women  will experience both emotional and physical symptoms. Loss of… Continue reading MENOPAUSE PROBLEMS

Of all the things that you can have as a kid which might set you apart from the crowd or make you vulnerable to teasing, eczema was up there. Not only did the other kids think you had some sort of disgusting and highly contagious disease, resulting in them running away screaming that they were… Continue reading Growing up with Eczema

Although many women associate the occurrence of vaginal dryness with the menopause or assume that it only happens to older women, it is actually a very common complaint amongst women of any age and can occur due to a number of different causes. However the most common cause of vaginal dryness and why many associate… Continue reading Vaginal Dryness

You are probably musing this because of the prolific number of stores promoting such a vast range of vitamins and supplements for pretty much every ailment, deficiency or health condition you can think of! Everyone else seems to have a bottle of vitamins on their shelf right? But are they simply a lazy way to eat… Continue reading I think I am healthy, why should I consider supplements?

“A rose by any other word would smell as sweet” … and Rosacea by any other name would be just as irritating and life-disrupting! This chronic skin disorder mainly occurs on the face and is characterised by redness that resembles sunburn on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It can also spread to the eyes,… Continue reading What is Rosacea?

How to know for sure that organic is organic… Nowadays so many products, from sweet potatoes to skin creams, promote themselves as ‘organic’. But what does the term actually mean and how do you know that the product you are purchasing, is what it says it is? Quite simply, the definition of organic (when it… Continue reading What is organic?