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Skin Repair Special - LIMITED TIME

Skin Repair Special - LIMITED TIME

Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair SpecialSea Buckthorn Skin Repair Special
Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair Special... what do you get? 100g Skin Rejuve (for face and neck), 100g Body Glow (for all over body where needed), 30ml Pure Oil blend of seed and berry (for specific and deep areas needing healing help). Available for LIMITED TIME
Healthy Skin Check AJ

Healthy Skin Check AJ

I've been going to the same Skin Doctor every 3 months for 15 years after Melanomas were found and surgically removed. This week is the first time in 15 years that I've not needed any 'freezing off' or other procedures for my skin. The Doctor is very impressed. For the last 14 months, I've been taking Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules twice a day and applying Skin Rejuve cream and Body Glow body oil every day. Living in Queensland and playing golf with constant sun all year round has been a constant worry as my family has a history of cancer. The Doctor has now pushed me out to 6 monthly checks. AJ

Skin (pityriasis-rosea) Dr K

Skin (pityriasis-rosea) Dr K

I've been using your Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules both internally (4 x caps per day) and externally on some scars I had from a harmless rash I got after a cold about 1 year ago. The scars were quite substantial and just were not healing very fast but after 2 weeks of rubbing the SBO into the scars, and swallowing the rest, they are hugely improved. The rash is called pityriasis-rosea (info)  KM

Skin and Eye Health

Skin and Eye Health

The Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules are doing good things for my psoriasis so far: my sores are slowly but surely getting less inflamed, and less of them. I have been taking them internally (4 daily) and putting the oil on the sores directly also. I'm very pleased with the results so far. This is the first thing other than steroid treatment that has had such an obvious effect. Thank you very much. TS

Skin Health

Skin Health

After one month my skin looked clearer, after two months people were commenting, after nearly three months my skin looks more elastic ... I am delighted with this Australian Sea Buckthorn product and it now forms part of my daily health regimen. LA

Skin Health

Skin Health

An eczema sufferer all my life, I now have baby-soft hands, no itchy, broken skin - I just can't believe it! In just weeks of using Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality, I've had better results than anything else I have ever tried. SA

Skin and Eye Health

Skin and Eye Health

I am 62 yrs old. I have been taking Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality and Aloe Vera Inner Vitality daily for 30 days. I find a big improvement to my skin texture during the cold/dry months. My skin would usually be dry and scaly. Not now! Also, I have an improvement in my eyes - clarity seems improved. NPT

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness

My post-menopausal vaginal dryness improved greatly after just a few weeks taking the Sea Buckthorn. I now just take the maintenance dose and am so happy with the results and my comfort. PE

Wrinkles Fading

Wrinkles Fading

Just half way through the 180 pack and people commented they saw my "wrinkles were filling in" - they did not know I was taking Sea Buckthorn. I won't stop now! IA



Inflammation in my body has always been an issue .... after just a few days, I felt acutely aware how the Sea Buckthorn capsules were helping to reverse the inflammation. IB


Always read the label, use only as directed, and if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

Over the past 70-80 years, scientific studies have investigated the nutrient values and efficacy of the Sea Buckthorn plant. Many studies use the concentrated oil, and use it in a 1:1 ratio as it occurs in nature (i.e. the ratio of oil in seed and berry, are almost identical. The composition of the 2 oils are different and a 1:1 ratio of them both is the general choice in clinical trials.

Sea Buckthorn Studies

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2. Anti- Inflammation

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3. Immunity

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4. Gastrointestinal

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5. Skin

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6. Wounds healing

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7. Liver

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