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Why do I need supplements - I think I am healthy?
Skin Repair Special - LIMITED TIME

Skin Repair Special - LIMITED TIME

Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair SpecialSea Buckthorn Skin Repair Special
Sea Buckthorn Skin Repair Special... what do you get? 100g Skin Rejuve (for face and neck), 100g Body Glow (for all over body where needed), 30ml Pure Oil blend of seed and berry (for specific and deep areas needing healing help). Available for LIMITED TIME
Healthy Skin Check AJ

Healthy Skin Check AJ

I've been going to the same Skin Doctor every 3 months for 15 years after Melanomas were found and surgically removed. This week is the first time in 15 years that I've not needed any 'freezing off' or other procedures for my skin. The Doctor is very impressed. For the last 14 months, I've been taking Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules twice a day and applying Skin Rejuve cream and Body Glow body oil every day. Living in Queensland and playing golf with constant sun all year round has been a constant worry as my family has a history of cancer. The Doctor has now pushed me out to 6 monthly checks. AJ

Skin (pityriasis-rosea) Dr K

Skin (pityriasis-rosea) Dr K

I've been using your Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules both internally (4 x caps per day) and externally on some scars I had from a harmless rash I got after a cold about 1 year ago. The scars were quite substantial and just were not healing very fast but after 2 weeks of rubbing the SBO into the scars, and swallowing the rest, they are hugely improved. The rash is called pityriasis-rosea (info)  KM

Skin and Eye Health

Skin and Eye Health

The Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality capsules are doing good things for my psoriasis so far: my sores are slowly but surely getting less inflamed, and less of them. I have been taking them internally (4 daily) and putting the oil on the sores directly also. I'm very pleased with the results so far. This is the first thing other than steroid treatment that has had such an obvious effect. Thank you very much. TS

Skin Health

Skin Health

After one month my skin looked clearer, after two months people were commenting, after nearly three months my skin looks more elastic ... I am delighted with this Australian Sea Buckthorn product and it now forms part of my daily health regimen. LA

Skin Health

Skin Health

An eczema sufferer all my life, I now have baby-soft hands, no itchy, broken skin - I just can't believe it! In just weeks of using Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality, I've had better results than anything else I have ever tried. SA

Skin and Eye Health

Skin and Eye Health

I am 62 yrs old. I have been taking Sea Buckthorn Complete Vitality and Aloe Vera Inner Vitality daily for 30 days. I find a big improvement to my skin texture during the cold/dry months. My skin would usually be dry and scaly. Not now! Also, I have an improvement in my eyes - clarity seems improved. NPT

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness

My post-menopausal vaginal dryness improved greatly after just a few weeks taking the Sea Buckthorn. I now just take the maintenance dose and am so happy with the results and my comfort. PE

Wrinkles Fading

Wrinkles Fading

Just half way through the 180 pack and people commented they saw my "wrinkles were filling in" - they did not know I was taking Sea Buckthorn. I won't stop now! IA



Inflammation in my body has always been an issue .... after just a few days, I felt acutely aware how the Sea Buckthorn capsules were helping to reverse the inflammation. IB

Blog - discussion topics

Blog - discussion topics

  1. Think Digestive Health - think Aloe Vera Inner Vitality

    Kavalia Power - Nature Working With You

    Aloe Vera Inner Vitality is an Australian compliant product so you can be reassured of its quality.

  2. Oral Vitality (AUST L 279742) has been developed using natural plant extracts as the active ingredients (pomegranate - Punica granatum extract and cranberry - Vaccinium macrocarpon extract). It is designed to assist oral health in a pleasant tasting and convenient soft gel capsule. It is an Australian compliant product manufactured in an Australian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

    Sea Buckthorn Skin Rejuve is an Australian made cosmeticeutical created by an Australian team of consultants and manufacturers here in Queensland.

  4. You should not try supplement or herbal treatment for your dog unless you know what is wrong with your dog
    and have knowledge of which natural herb or supplement might help. Please check with a vet first! This

    newsletter is not meant to replace the diagnosis and advice of a qualified vet.

    Arthritis is defined as a disease causing painful inflammation and swelling of the joints

    Arthritis is very common but is not well understood.

  7.      ALOE VERA – for a healthy digestive system and more!

    Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. It has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt and has been used for centuries by many different people and cultures for its health, beauty, medicinal and skin properties.
    In traditional Chinese medicine, Aloe Vera is used to treat symptoms of bowel irregularity, intestinal parasites, liver problems, headaches, dizziness and to strengthen the stomach.


    Insomnia is a persistent and distressing disorder relating to a difficulty with sleeping.
  9. What is Rosacea?

    This chronic skin disorder  occurs mainly on the face and is characterised by redness that looks like sunburn on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Along with the redness there can sometimes be swelling, or burning and itching sensations. Rosacea can also cause burning and soreness in the eyes, leaving them feeling watery and irritated. It can also be the cause behind persistent pimples and visible red blood vessels.

  10. Many people think that they eat a balanced diet and therefore they don't need supplements.

    There is evidence that consuming nutrients from food is more beneficial than from supplements which is why you should first focus on a nutrient rich diet from a wide variety of foods, and avoid processed and junk foods.

  11. Mouth Ulcers

    mouth ulcerNot too many of us like pain in our bodies so when pain occurs, the first thought is how to get rid of it or at least deaden it . But what is our body trying to tell us?

    Most commonly caused by biting inside your check (a mechanical injury), mouth ulcers generally resolve by themselves in a few days to a week.
  12. Why Do We Sleep?

    Imagine how much extra time we’d have if up to one third of our lives wasn’t spent sleeping! Do we really need to sleep? If so, why?

    Customer feedback regarding our June 2017 Newsletter
  13. Do you have a healthy digestive system?

    digestionWe would hope that the answer is “yes!” but in all honesty, many of us eat and act in a way that appeals to us, and not necessarily with healthy digestive system maintenance in mind.

    Why is a healthy digestive system important?
    Our digestive system breaks down what we eat and unless the nutrients are absorbed, the food will not be able to supply what our body needs to be healthy and function well.
  14. Dermatitis

    dermatitisThe Webster definition of dermatitits is simply: inflammation (itis) of the skin (derma).

    Additionally: a medical condition in which the skin becomes red, swollen, and sore, sometimes with small blisters, resulting from direct irritation of the skin by an external agent or an allergic reaction to it.
  15. Sea Buckthorn Oil - seed vs berry

    Sea Buckthorn Berries
    In a nutshell, one is not better than the other ... they are different and each supports us in different ways because of the different nutritional make-up.

    Firstly, let’s understand that an oil is a real concentration of components.
  16. Skin Health and Sleep

    "You look tired" ... "You have bags under your eyes !" ...

    Healthy Sleep"Well, thank you very much - now I feel as bad as I apparently look !"

    Certainly not a comment that anyone would want to hear, however, there is truth in the connection of lack of sleep and skin health/appearance.
  17. Inflammation

    Our body is an amazing creation and it will try and protect itself from harm - inflammation being one of its processes to this end. Some inflammatory responses are transient with a welcome outcome, such as swelling around a wound as our body heals it - we feel warmth and there is localised redness as our white blood cells release chemicals to combat infection.

  18. Oral Health

    Fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums, no plaque or decay - we all strive for that, but there may be more reasons than you think to the importance of a healthy mouth.

    Our complex body uses countless connections and linkages to keep us in a healthy state of being.
  19. Vaginal Dryness

    This can be a common symptom of menopause and whilst not all women experience it, it does become more common after menopause.

    Put simply, there is a lack of vaginal moisture. This may not seem like it is too important, but naturally, when it comes to one’s sex life, it does have a huge impact.
  20. How much water to drink?

    We all know we need to drink plenty of clean water but how much? And since we all come in different shapes and sizes, how much do I need!

    Our body comprises approx 60% water - if it didn’t, we’d be dry as a dead stick but we have blood, mucous, hydrated tissue etc etc so we need to retain this percentage or we certainly will start becoming a dried stick! We flex and bend, have soft tissue - we don’t crack when we move.
  21. What Is Dry Eyes?

    In a nutshell, it is an eye condition brought about by insufficient tears.

    We need our tears to prevent our eyes from drying out and each time we blink, a healthy eye will sweep a watery saline fluid from our eye duct (corner of eye near our nose) across the surface.
  22. Paper skin - the name says it all

    thin skinWe’re young - our skin’s elastic and bouncy; it’s firm and hydrated - glowing ... we smile and our skin moves as one ... it’s resilient.

    But time passes - our skin is dry, thin, sagging and loose - dull .
  23. Is Stress All Bad?

    Our immediate thought is YES! but that actually is not the case ...

    Stress can ruin our sex life, and Stress can help us achieve our goals. What is this double-edged sword?

    What is Stress?

    It’s a burst of energy within us which causes alertness and tension to help us resolve a situation.
  24. What is Dental Plaque?

    Yes, we all know it's a cement-like build-up on our teeth and we're constantly warned about it as it can lead to dental problems ...

    ... and many of us know it is that “fuzzy-feeling” coating that builds up after eating sugary things especially, and is worsened if we delay brushing .
  25. Why Can't I Sleep?

    Insufficient or poor sleep can accelerate signs of aging... just look in the mirror after a bad night’s sleep. That “tired looking face” soon crystallizes to a permanent state: dark rings under puffy eyes, fine lines that deepen, and a dull skin. But there’s more ... sleepinesstired
    • causes accidents
    • reduces our capacity to learn (sleep is important to consolidate memories)
    • reduces our capacity to remain sharp and make effective judgements
    • adversely affects one’s libido (sex drive).
  26. Mucosal Tissue and Women - a Sensitive Subject!

    Imagine sexual intercourse without healthy mucosal tissue ...

    What is the difference between mucous and mucus:
    Mucous (adjective) membranes create mucus (noun) which is the slimy substance produced in our body.
  27. Eczema (atopic dermatitis)

    EczemaIf you have, it you know it! And if you don’t have it, you can’t begin to understand how it adversely affects one’s everyday life.

    What is Eczema?

    The inflammatory skin condition presents as areas of dry skin, with itching and reddening.
  28. How Do We Age?

    Two things no-one can avoid: Death and Taxes

    Most of us have heard and joked about this little gem, but take away the black humour, and take on the services of a good accountant, we are left with thoughts of aging and what it will mean for each of us.
  29. Detoxification - is it important?

    Do you store toxins in your body?pure water
    Chances are you do - we all do ... and at what cost?

    A widely held concept in alternative medicine is that illnesses and feeling under par can be caused by the accumulation and storage of toxins in the body.
  30. How important is oral hygiene?

    Your dental health can have a flow on effect to your entire wellbeing.

    Oral hygiene is probably one of the most neglected parts of our overall wellbeing, with most of us patting ourselves on the back for simply brushing our teeth twice a day.
  31. What is Traditional Medicine?

    An explanation of traditional medicine and its benefitstraditional medicines

    As the saying goes, “Your health is your wealth”. Many people are constantly looking to restore or boost this ‘wealth’, either by visiting their local GP or seeking out a practitioner of traditional medicine.
  32. Am I hitting menopause?           What are the signs of menopause?

    Menopause is inevitable for women. It can start anywhere from your thirties to your sixties but most commonly begins in your mid to late forties.

    What causes menopause?

    As a woman ages, her ovaries stop producing the hormones oestrogen and progesterone.
  33. Are healthy eyes and good vision related? 

    Are you ignoring the health of your eyes?

    The short answer to the question of the link between healthy eyes and good vision is that yes, there is one.

    So many of us head to the gym, eat well and take care of our skin but we don’t stop to think about good eye health.
  34. Do I have to put up with wrinkles?

    The good news is that you don’t have to resort to surgery to reduce skin lines.

    Wrinkles are a part of life, especially in Australia’s sun-drenched climate.
  35. Why do I bruise so easily?

    Why is it that some people can knock themselves around with no repercussions and some of us end up with massive blue and purple splotches from the tiniest of bumps?

    What is bruising?

    When you collide with something, you break the tiny blood vessels that sit below the surface of your skin.
  36. Eczema or Dermatitis?

    How do you know if your skin condition is eczema or dermatitis?

    If you have had a dermatologist call your red, itchy skin dermatitis and a doctor declare it to be eczema, neither of them are wrong. The two terms both apply because eczema is a form of dermatitis.
  37. What is organic?

    How to know for sure that organic is organic…

    Nowadays so many products, from sweet potatoes to skin creams, promote themselves as ‘organic’. But what does the term actually mean and how do you know that the product you are purchasing, is what it says it is?

    Quite simply, the definition of organic (when it comes to consumables) is products that are made without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or genetic modification.
  38. Rosacea

    What is Rosacea?

    “A rose by any other word would smell as sweet” ... and Rosacea by any other name would be just as irritating and life-disrupting!

    This chronic skin disorder mainly occurs on the face and is characterised by redness that resembles sunburn on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.
  39. “I think I am healthy, why should I consider supplements?”

    You are probably musing this because of the prolific number of stores promoting such a vast range of vitamins and supplements for pretty much every ailment, deficiency or health condition you can think of! Everyone else seems to have a bottle of vitamins on their shelf right? But are they simply a lazy way to eat and no more than nutrition in a pill? Surely if you eat a balanced and healthy diet, why should you ‘supplement with supplements’?

    If you're generally healthy and eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats and fish, and avoid processed and junk foods, then you are unlikely to need to reach for supplements.
  40. 5 Startling Reasons That Could Be The Cause Of Your Constipation

    Constipation can be a most unpleasant and persistent condition for many people. One-off bouts of constipation may be easily attributed to a change in diet or added stress from work, however there may be times when it is recurring more frequently for no apparent reason and this can be discerning, annoying and unhealthy.
  41. Vaginal Dryness

    Although many women associate the occurrence of vaginal dryness with the menopause or assume that it only happens to older women, it is actually a very common complaint amongst women of any age and can occur due to a number of different causes.
  42. A balance of conventional and complimentary health solutions to gain control of your health

    The topic of health is a huge one and can mean so many things to so many people...what is a healthy weight, fitness level or range of mobility, is all relative and a very personal thing to each individual.
  43. Is your skin condition affecting your mental health?

    When I was suffering with eczema, at it’s peak, I felt pretty fed up and was very self-conscious of it. I was a child then and I often wonder how I would feel now, as an adult, if I still felt I needed to hide my hands, ashamed of scratching, wearing plasters and in the gym exposing flaking, cracked skin.
  44. Growing up with Eczema 

    Of all the things that you can have as a kid which might set you apart from the crowd or make you vulnerable to teasing, eczema was up there. Not only did the other kids think you had some sort of disgusting and highly contagious disease, resulting in them running away screaming that they were going to catch leprosy, you had to showcase it by wearing umpteen plasters and bandages and after sport, smother yourself in creams and lotions to stop the skin cracking and bleeding in front of a crowd of repulsed onlookers!

    But lets face it, anyone who has suffered with eczema or any other skin condition for that matter, will know that it is unpleasant whatever age you are.

  45. Hi, Linda here ... we are often asked:

    "How did this business come about?"


    "Why Sea Buckthorn? I've never heard of it.

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